Schutzhund Training

Schutzhund is a German word translates as protection dog.

\"\"Schutzhund is a challenging 3 part sport (obedience, tracking and protection) which was originally designed as a breed test for the German Shepherd, and has grown in to a popular sport, as well as continuing to function as a breed test. A Schutzhund title is a pre-requisite for the German Shepherd Breed Survey or Koerung. As a sport, several countries hold regional and national competitions. In Germany, the big trial each year is the BSP or Bundes Sieger Prüfung. There is also a world competition (WUSV) each year held under FCI international rules.

Schutzhund Titles:

  • BH - basic obedience and temperament test
  • SchA - obedience and protection only
  • SchI - first level
  • SchII - second level
  • SchIII - top level
  • OB I,II,III - separate obedience titles
  • TR I,II,III - separate tracking titles
  • IPO 1,2,3 - international schutzhund degree (International Prüfungsordnung)
  • FH I,II - advanced tracking titles
  • WH - watch dog title
  • AD - endurance title (for breed-worthiness)

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