About Nash Working German Shepherd Dogs

Hello my name is Nash Rashid, welcome to My website Nash Working German Shepherd Dogs.

We are a very small kennel specialising in german shepherds from working lines. Our goal is to breed healthy working german shepherd puppies with quality temperament and outstanding drives, stable and balanced dogs.I work primarily with Czech- East- West-DDR  bloodlines and my goals is to forcus on quality, not quantity preserving the German Shepherd dog as a working dog.

The German Shepherd dog is your partner,your friend your protector, very faithful and trust worthing with loyal to family life.He or she will protect you with last breath.

I have been involved with German Shepherd Dogs at a very early age, my first GSD an all black female named Sheila was given to me by my father's friend. Sheila lived a good life but at 8 years old had to be put to sleep due to cancer. The loss of my dog partner Sheila hit me very hard and i would not have another dog for a very long time, in fact it was nearly 3 years before i decided to purchase another GSD.  I carried on with show lines great dogs convinced that eventually i would get one with a good temperament from working lines, with brains along with strong defence and prey drives. .I decided i wanted a good GSD of excellent temperament, bloodlines but still retaining good construction.. After a lot of extensive home work and long hours research i decided go for working lines, that i wanted was one of East and West German and Czech lines-Slovak also DDR or a combination of both, all having the above balance we have to remember we have to live with these animals.. Now the question was how would i be able to obtain a female with this breeding, temperament, excellent bloodlines etc, it appeared that the only females fitting this description were all in other countries.I knew that the German Shepherd dog was my favorite breed of choice because of their awersome abilities, physical beauty,and high intelligence.


Difference Between The Working And Showline German Shepherd Dog?

The German Shepherd we are all familiar with is the black and tan German Shepherd. They are commonly used in Police, Military, as Service Dogs, etc. It's within that main breed of German Shepherds you find the International working lines and International Show lines.

International Working lines are not generally bred for showing. They are bred for their ability to work and perform tasks. They are bred for Intelligence, obedience and temperament. This doesn't mean they are not beautiful dogs! It just means the focus is not on appearance and show standards.

The International Show lines are bred for appearance and to meet show standards. These standards are very strict and German Shepherds have been bred to this standard for many years. These dogs will tend to look like each other, but their markings will vary as well as their coloration.

Show lines are also bred for appearance and for shows. This line is bred for the slope back and sharp angulation of the hock joints.

Now that you know the different types of lines, they come from all places: Germany, East and West, Czech Republic, Belgium etc.

You must be clear with regard to what kind of GSD you want.  Working line or Show line. 

However, if you are looking for a companion animal or working dog, your best choice (of course it's our opinion) is to purchase your puppy from a breeder who breeds from the International Working lines because they will more than likely have the temperament, intelligence, and willingness to work and obey. Although each German Shepherd line has all of these qualities, Working dogs are bred more for those qualities than strictly their appearance.

We love all German Shepherds! Finding the right one for you is our aim.

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